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Richard Foster, CFE
Financial Regulation Manager
419 South 2nd Street
New Market, Suite 206
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Mr. Foster serves as a supervisor for The INS Companies. Prior to joining The INS Companies, Mr. Foster is a  former state regulator with over 27 years’ experience combined with the Alaska Division of Insurance and Illinois Department of Insurance. Mr. Foster functions as a subject matter expert on examinations as a reinsurance expert reviewing complex transactions and agreements for risk transfer, supervising examinations and serving as a Examiner-in-Charge. Additionally, he serves on the firm’s financial analysis specialist team assisting regulators achieve compliance with financial analysis accreditation standards with new risk-focused analysis procedures.  In addition to his reinsurance and analysis expertise, Mr. Foster also leads our captive examination division and functions as a liaison between our examiners and actuaries interpreting actuarial rate filings.

Mr. Foster serves on the SOFE Board of Governors, SOFE Executive Committee, and is a past SOFE President.

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