Financial Analysis

The INS Companies performs risk-focused financial analysis services according to the NAIC Financial Analysis Handbook, sound practices for risk-focused analyses, sound practices for utilizing the insurer profile summary, and NAIC accreditation standards on behalf of state insurance departments.

Practice Leaders

Annette Knief

President and Managing Partner


Richard Foster

Financial Regulation Manager


Colette Hogan

Financial Regulation Senior Supervisor


Jerry Kennedy

Financial Regulation Senior Specialist


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The INS Companiesā€˜ Financial Analysis team understands the staffing pressures state insurance departments encounter when complying with the risk-focused analysis. Our team integrates risk analysis services to further enhance the state insurance departments own risk surveillance monitoring by providing first and second analysis reviews, own risk and solvency (ORSA) assessments, and assistance with supervisory colleges and training. Our risk-focused analysis training is a hands on approach that encourages mentoring and coaching while also serving as an available resource to state analysts.