Information Technology

The INS Companies Information Technology (IT) team offers a wide variety of specialty services to support state insurance departments with their solvency monitoring oversight. The INS professionals tailor the scope and staffing of our IT assessment to the needs of our clients.

Practice Leaders

Alan Shaw

CEO and Chairman of the Board


Annette Knief

President and Managing Partner


Jerry Link

Chief Information Officer


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The INS Companies' services range from Exhibit C, Forensic, Cyber Examination Support Services to Network Hosting Solutions. We look forward to partnering with you.


At The INS Companies our IT professionals specialize in conducting IT assessments in conjunction with financial and market regulation examinations. Our team has in-depth knowledge to assess an insurer’s IT environment and its effectiveness, which is integral to delivering an efficient examination.


Our IT professionals provide state regulators with an assessment of cyber safeguards through our internally developed framework. Our framework integrates NAIC regulatory standards with the guidance established by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), European Network and Information Security Agency (ENIS) for Cybersecurity and guidelines for safeguarding Personal Health Information as established in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 45 Part 164-Security and Privacy. This value added hybrid framework provides greater assurance to existing examination procedures in addition to assessing evolving risk.

IT Forensics

The INS Companies provide data quality assurance for regulatory examinations. The procedures include, but are not limited to, data forensics, data mining, visual data analytics, predictive analytics, and the use of traditional computer-aided audit tools.

Hosting Solutions

The INS Companies offer state of the art hosting services that are vital to today’s remote working environment. These services include hosting solutions, sharefile systems, as well as expertise and partnerships with Citrix, Microsoft and TeamMate. Our hosting solution provides our client states with secure access to their custom audit applications and data, including the TeamMate software environment, over an encrypted and secure website. With The INS Companies’ hosting solution, all that is required for our client state’s team is access to the Internet. Our team of certified system engineers performs all upgrades and maintenance. The INS Companies are one of the few authorized Citrix partners serving insurance regulators. Additionally, The INS Companies have a dedicated help desk, which is available at all times to our clients. Our IT support infrastructure facilitates immediate resolution of all end-user issues. We understand the technical challenges facing our clients and have taken innovative steps to implement technology solutions to help ensure the integrity, accessibility, and management of our client’s examination and other data.